What to do if I got ghosted during the interview process?

So you've gone through the whole interview process, and it went really well. Then... nothing. No response, no explanation—you're just left hanging. It's a pretty common problem in the job search process, but don't let it get you down! I'm going to give you some advice on how to handle getting ghosted during an interview process so that you can keep your optimism high and keep going until you get a job (or maybe even land multiple offers).

What to do if I got ghosted during the interview process?

It's probably not about you.

Ghosting during the interview process is definitely frustrating. No one likes being ghosted, especially when they’ve put in the time and effort to get to that point. But while it’s easy to blame yourself for not being good enough, that may not be the case.

Ghosting can happen for a variety of reasons. It could be that the job description was inaccurate and you were never going to be seriously considered for the role in question. Or perhaps your skills aren’t exactly what they need at this moment but would make sense if there was an opening down the line (or vice versa). A company might have budget constraints or other staffing issues holding them back from hiring you right away—that doesn't mean that they think less of you as a person or candidate!

This article will cover why ghosting happens so often, what some potential solutions are, and how knowing more about this phenomenon can help us come out stronger on top when we do hit obstacle after obstacle in our careers (and life!).

It's not entirely your fault if an employer ghosts you.

You may feel like you're at fault, but being ghosted during the interview process is not entirely your fault. Employers can be busy, or have changed their mind about the job in question. You might not have been the best fit for it—or maybe you were overqualified or underqualified for it. Perhaps they thought you were too expensive, or too cheap to hire.

There are many reasons why employers ghost candidates: It's a lot of work to fill a position, and some companies just want someone who will get things done without asking too many questions. If that's how they feel about things, then it's better for everyone if everyone moves on and finds something else than stay stuck in an awkward limbo forever!

Feel free to ask what happend, it's fine.

If you’re considering asking about the silence, it’s okay to do so—but only if you do so in a polite manner. If you send an email saying “what happened? I thought I was still in the running for this position,” that might come off as rude or pushy and will likely lead to a less than favorable response. Instead, try something like: “I am curious as to why we haven't heard back from your team yet regarding this position. Is everything still moving forward on schedule with me being one of your top candidates? If so, what can I do to improve my chances of landing the job and making sure people remember me when hiring starts again?”

It shoudn't affect you, keep going!

This is a very common thing to encounter, so don't let it stop you from applying for other jobs. In fact, your continued interest in the position could work in your favor and make you stand out from other candidates. There are many reasons why an employer may not reply to an applicant after an interview. Perhaps they were overwhelmed by applications or perhaps they’re no longer hiring—either way, it shouldn’t affect your attitude toward the process or this particular job opportunity. Remember: A lot of people apply for jobs they don't get! You should never take it personally if someone doesn't acknowledge something that you did. It's just the nature of our society today; people are busy and often forgetful or disorganized (and that includes employers).


Don't let this get you down. If your interview process is going well and your job offer has been revoked, it's probably not about you. Things happen and sometimes people just can't continue with the hiring process for one reason or another. Make sure to ask what happened so that you can learn from the experience but don't let it affect you too much!

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