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It could get overwhelming

Seekior will help keep things sorted.

A job tracking tool is essential to keep track of all the jobs they have applied for. It can help you stay organized and focused by having all the information in one place.

  • Tracking applications stages (Submitted, Interviewing, etc...)
  • Keep relevant interviews, resumes and notes
  • Save original job post
  • ٍٍReceive reminders for applications and interviews on email
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A Chrome extension to the rescue

With our extension, you can quickly add job postings to your job board, so you can stay ahead of the competition!

  • No more copy and paste to add job information
  • Add notes on the job post as you add it
  • Supports 300+ job boards
  • job boards

Let us have a look at it

By allowing us to check your resume free of charge, you can avoid having your resume rejected by automated HR systems or resume scanners used by many employers.

  • use this tool To submit your resume and register
  • Confirm your email
  • Few minutes later, you will receive a notification that your resume's report is ready
  • Check your resume score to see how it's standout
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~I am so happy with this app! It saved me a ton of time and helped me find my job in a few weeks. CleverApp (currently Seekior) makes searching for jobs fun and easy. I love it!~

testimonial Mo Shaban Lead Engineer @ Cara Care

~If you're looking for a job, then Cleverapp (currently Seekior) is the tool for you. It includes a ton of incredible features, from a resume rating system to job dashboard tracking. That makes finding a job simpler and more effective.~

testimonial Jonas Thevissen Business Development Manager @ zeb

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