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Tired of the chaos of managing your job search with notes app or spreadsheets? Start streamlining your search with Seekior and get organized with ease.

Use your job board to have an overview of all jobs you have and take control of the status of each one as easy as just moving the boxes around

Kanban Board

Level up your job search game with a Kanban Board! Easily track every application detail and gain a comprehensive view of your progress with just one click.

Chrome Extension

Say goodbye to tedious copying and pasting or tab-switching! Our Chrome extension lets you add job details directly to your Seekior board with just one click.

Manage contacts, resume, interviews

Keep track of contacts, interviews, and sent resumes all in one place, under each job application.

Keep Notes

Don't let important job application details slip through the cracks! With Seekior, you can ensure that every detail, from the application itself to the interviews, is kept top of mind.

Get hired with ease and confidence, let us help to streamline your job search journey!

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